Surviving Disney with Baby & Toddler!


How many times have you heard, "Wait until your kids are older before you take them to Disney"? Or just generally thought that the struggle to go wouldn't be worth it? There are many that criticize bringing younger children to Disneyworld, but rest assured, Disney will make even the smallest guests feel welcome! As we are preparing for our first trip with young children this fall, I have discovered some tips to set a parents mind at ease when grappling with the fear of how to navigate the happiest place on earth with children that are preschool aged and under.  is an awesome resource for this type of stuff! is an awesome resource for this type of stuff!


  • Get to the park early
    • Hit up Fantasy Land as soon as the park opens and enjoy some reprieve while this area isn't super busy yet. Fantasy land has the largest number of rides for toddlers!  
  • Work with a Disney planner! They are completely free, answer all your questions (big or small), book your meal reservations, character meals, book specialty add ons, and find the best deals before anyone else!!! Cheryl Popoutsis is ours and she has the experience of being a lifelong Disney vacationer and goes there every year. You can't beat her knowledge and experience and she has made the planning process exponentially less stressful. It's like having a wedding planner you don't have to pay for!  The best way for a stress free planning experience.  
  • Get a babysitter, parents need fun too!
    • If you aren't lucky enough to have grandparents tag along for help, Disney offers in room child care services and childcare activity centers! 


All in all, Disneyworld is an overwhelming place. And if you are only ever going to go once in your life, waiting until your children are older is probably a good idea. But if you want to make this magical location a destination you go back to time and time again, just remember that you aren't going to fit everything in. Enjoy what the parks have to offer for the different stages your children are in, and watch their eyes light up each and every time. With toddlers specifically it seems best to stay on sight, go back for naps, cool off in the baby care centers, and just enjoy what they can enjoy for now. Vacations are always the best when you don't push yourself too hard and that is something I have to remind myself time and time again. Making an itinerary with your Disney planner is a good way to ensure that you aren't overwhelmed by all the options and figure out what rides you just have to go on before you even get there. 

 Comment below with toddler Disney tips! Let's make this post a great resource   for parents ready to brave the journey!