Columbus Kids Do Good

I know I am not alone in feeling there was a hole in the charity / non-profit community. I would love to give back but it is so difficult to carve out time away from the children in order to do it. Not to mention, I also want my kids to participate as well and that really just hasn't been possible given their ages. I want to instill a mindset in our children that it is a responsibility to help others and recognize to never discount how privileged they are. 

So here comes Columbus Kids Do Good with everything I am looking for! Not only can I bring my children to the events but they are so family-centric that the whole family get's to participate, and can have loads of fun as well! 

Today was the launch party at Coffee Connections in Hilliard and it was just a small taste of what's to come from this wonderful organization. Run by Eryn Gilson (of 614Mom fame), she aims to create an amazing environment where children will learn to dedicate their time all throughout the year to community causes. Today we made Valentines for the children at Ronald McDonald House (supplies courtesy of Picasso Art Studio) and packed lunches to be dropped off at various shelters in the area. (Supplies courtesy of Kroger and Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter )

The monthly events that will be held serve multiple purposes:

1. Aid the needy

2. Give back to the community as a family

3. Attending monthly events will be conducive to keeping charity on our minds all through the year and not just during the holidays.

4. The events won't just be a drop in and leave, but a family environment where volunteers come together as a community and get to know each other while having a great time as family and friends. Think the ultimate play date!

We are so looking forward to the next event and will definitely be monthly attendees. Do you know of any charities or organizations that could use this kind of support? Or are you a business that would like to contribute your space and / or product? E-mail Eryn at

Check out our great day in the gallery below!