Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op

One thing I have grown to love about Columbus are the many mission based businesses around here. There are many companies in this city that are doing great things and giving back. But there is one small business in particular that really speaks to my heart. There is a coffee shop and work space that has sprung up in "the bottoms" of Columbus and is ready to shake up everything we think we knew about giving back to the community. 

Victoria Calderón and Virginia Nunes Gutierrez don't just talk about serving the community but they have planted themselves knee deep in the location they aim to serve. Bottoms Up Coffee wants to revive the Franklinton neighborhood by bringing business to the area, but they never ignore the very real turmoil that plagues them. Franklinton has one of the highest infant mortality rates and in cooperation with CelebrateOne they aim to drastically reduce those numbers. 

A percentage of the coffee shop sales are donated to nonprofits that aid mothers in need. From practical necessities to prenatal care and education. 

This may seem like a strong topic for this "mom blog" but infant mortality is an appalling reality that as parents, we should all be concerned about. Even the most privileged of us really struggle as new mothers, let alone the impoverished. We can't all make the daily impact these sisters do but by supporting their business we support a community, we support struggling parents, and that is truly the least we can do. 

Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op is located at 1069 W Broad Street. Make sure you stop in and try out their coffee and pastries. And if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur in need of a work space away from home, check out their memberships for cubicles, conference room, and private office.