Dear Goldfish, We Love You

Oh Goldfish, how much do I love you? Let me count the ways!

1. I love all the individual attention I get every week in swim class.

2. I love all the fun games we play! For example, searching for underwater animals to get me to put my face in the water and overcome other fears.

3. I love the warm water! 

4. I love the ribbons I get when I accomplish something new in class.

5. I love that everyone knows my name, even my old teachers!

6. I love family swim time with my mommy! I get to practice all my skills and play with the fun toys and equipment.

7. I love my weekly Goldfish prize and look forward to it every week. Also, the quarter candy. :p

8. I love that I can be both confident and safe in the water. I used to hate learning to float on my back but I now instinctively flip over whenever I am tired.

9. I love diving for rings!

10. I love my new swim friends. We have fun sitting and waiting our turn together.

What is my absolute, number one, favorite thing about swim class? That I get to swim all year round! (After polling other Goldfish kids, this simple but true answer seemed to be the favorite. It turns out, when kids are comfortable in water, they just love to swim.)