Power Rangers And A Good Bye To Movie Tavern

23 seasons. There have been 23 seasons of Power Rangers. Before I became a mother I only ever remember watching the 1993 American series. The first adapted version from the Japanese Super Sentai series. Thank you to my 4 year old and Netflix, I have now seeen a plethora of seasons. One always more cheesy than the one before. 

But the look on the face of a child watching their first fantasy show? It's indescribable. On one hand, I completely get it. It must seem like the most amazing thing a child has ever seen when they haven't been inundated with all the fantasy action movies and CGI developments. It's martial arts, giant monster robots, and some kind of Aesops Fable, moral lesson woven through each episode.  On the other hand, I have no memory of that kind of childlike wonder and fascination. Watching my son watch Power Rangers gives me a little window into that feeling. 

So of course I had to take my son to see the new reboot. It's not his first movie theatre experience but we made it extra special by making sure we went to Movie Tavern in Mill Run one last time before they close April 9th. I've really enjoyed being a customer there and I wanted to give my son the experience for his first and last time. His favorite movie, his favorite costume, one of his favorite friends, and a blueberry lemonade freeze. It's so fun treating your child to a magical evening out.  

Did we enjoy the movie? Absolutely!!! It had everything my son loves and tons of nostalgic moments for me. Lots of nods to the 1993 season, even the very first episode of the show! And do you know Bryan Cranston actually voiced two of Rita's minions? Billy the blue ranger was even named after him! I know I sound like I'm completely geeking out right now, and I swear I was never this big of a fan in the 90s, but once you've seen each season 3-4 times, you start buying into it. 

At any rate, if you were ever a fan of the show, even if you aren't a parent. I think it's totally worth seeing.