A Mother & Her Daughter, Part 1:

Sometimes a mother and her daughter need to have a special day out. Especially when said daughter is the middle child and well, we all know how that goes. When this special daughter is also only three years old, you definitely need to keep expectations low because you never know when a tantrum will strike. I love that we found the perfect location in the Avery Road Retail Center / Perimeter Center in Dublin so that we could have multiple adventures all in one place.

We started at Nikki's nails for pedicures. It was Charlie's first time and she actually sat still and loved the floral design and polka dots on her toes. She had lots of questions but everyone was very friendly and kind. It was a great experience! Getting her to sit still while they dried was a little bit of a challenge but watching Tangled on the iPad helped cure the wiggles =) 

Next we walked over to The Blowout Bar. My newest personal obsession.  Since they have a "menu" item for little girls I thought I would bring her along this time. She was very well behaved during the wash (something she never lets me do without a fight) so that was great but the styling ending up being cut short. Like I said, keep expectations low with a 3 year old. The stylist was very sweet about the whole situation and even brought out a mannequin head for her to brush while I held her on my lap and finished up my service. 

Now that we were completely pampered we walked over to Zest Juice for smoothies and toast! 

It was a perfect afternoon and the start of many more girl days to come. 

How do you like to spend one on one time with your child(ren) ?