Ikea: Your newest play date spot!

If you haven't thought of this idea already, consider heading to Ikea for your next play date. Why you ask? 

1. $1 breakfast  

2. Delicious food, no matter what time of day. 

3. Potty trained kids 37-54" can be checked into Smaland for an hour. 90 minutes if you're an Ikea family member. Moms can roam the gorgeous room set ups while the kids have fun watching a movie and playing in a ball pit.  

4. The kids love walking around children's Ikea. They now have lots of ideas on how they would like to decorate their bedroom :p

5. Nursing areas, family restrooms. That's more than I can say for some places!  

You know what, this is a great date night idea too! Check the kids in to the daycare and eat dinner with your significant other and plan your dream room!  

If you are worried about traffic and lines, I can attest to the weekdays so far being no problem whatsoever! I mean I braved Ikea with three kids alone and it was just fine. 



Opening week balloon animals before we entered.  



Future interior designer!  



They loved chasing the light up arrows that direct you through the store!



We found Gilberts family!  


Someone found a new bed!    

Someone found a new bed! 



I think this one fell asleep! 



New favorite chair!