The Hive: The New Escape For Your Local Mom Boss

These days we have got so many strong women out there trying to do it all. Taking care of all your children's needs, while making a career for yourself, and doing it from home, is quite a feat! But we all know how difficult it is to focus and get work done with little tots running around.

The Hive is here to help you be successful by giving you a place to work, hold meetings, and brainstorm with like minded women all with your children nearby! Where else can you bring your kids to work but not have to actually cater to their every need? Experienced and responsible sitters will be in a separate room caring for your littles every need, including nap and snack time. 

Above photography by: Benjamin Derkin

Recently a team of bloggers were invited to check out the space and I have to say that the kids had an amazing time. They had a blast on the playground, at story time, and just playing around with new friends. And I was finally able to network without anyone pulling at my hem! I managed to sneak in some shots of the kids playing downstairs and a few of us moms enjoying some networking together. Make sure and checkout what some other Columbus moms are up to while you're here....

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, or a momtrepreneur that you know, consider donating to the kickstarter here to get this project off the ground! I can think of so many moms out there that could really use a place to work away from home and it's so much easier to bring kids with than arrange for a babysitter or family member.