Mini Class Playdate at Goldfish Swim School

Updated to reflect 2018 dates and times! 

I am officially a reformed doubter on Mommy and Me swim classes. As a mom of three I was completely resistant to the idea of getting in the water with my youngest child. Especially considering so much work goes into getting us all out the door and swim ready. When I heard about the upcoming FREE Mini Class Playdate coming up, I asked Goldfish Dublin if I could test run a class to give you guys an honest review.



Turns out, I feel AWFUL. Baby E had SO much fun in the water and I feel like the worst parent in the world for not doing a class with her sooner. I guess third child syndrome is legit huh? She was splashing and giggling to her hearts content. Every week spent watching her siblings behind the glass must have really done a number on her and when we were done, I had to pull her out kicking and screaming. 

Such a happy water baby!

Such a happy water baby!

It turns out they work on all the same skills that my toddlers did at the Junior 1 level but with a parents help in the water. Which is perfect because the life saving skills they learn at these levels are absolutely essential considering how many children succumb to accidents around pools and bodies of water. I had written off these types of classes as being a fun activity but not very practical and now I have definitely changed my tune. 


I'm sure not every baby will immediately love the water but it certainly helps that the water is warm and it will be a beautiful bonding experience for you and your child. My heart was completely full for that 30 minutes and I can't wait to recreate that experience again.


Here's the info: 

I for one will definitely be registering with my youngest one and I truly believe this will be a super fun playdate. Hope to see some of you there!