Starting Our School Day With Pepperidge Farm!

Pepperidge Farm

It's back to school time and it's also back to "what can I scramble together for kids lunch and breakfast time?!"

I don't always have time to make the kids a wholesome breakfast (although my husband is a whiz at it when he has time) but I can always feel good about my contribution by handing the kids a hearty slice of Pepperidge Farm Swirl Oatmeal Bread as we race to the car. Not to say that one slice of bread is a hearty breakfast but add in a yogurt tube and some fruit and I'd say we are well on our way ;) Rest easy parents! No high fructose corn syrup here and baked with whole grains!

Morning breakfast

I've been a fan of the cinnamon raisin bread ever since I was a kid. A slice topped with some butter in a paper towel, and into the car we go! Funny how I have ended up doing the same thing with my children. But I am pleasantly surprised that the two new flavors of apple cinnamon swirl and maple & brown sugar are so thick! I actually had trouble popping them back up in the toaster. Oh! Can't forget about that pumpkin spice flavor (yassss fall 🙌🏼) 

I don't know how much you are into couponing, but there is a great Ibotta offer for Pepperidge Farm Swirl Oatmeal bread to get 1$ off a package! Here is a exclusive coupon code !

I really don't know the first thing about couponing, but since I downloaded the Ibotta app, it just seems so easy to save at the grocery store. I have a long way to go in terms of knowing what deals and coupons I can use simultaneousy but I just listened to a live Facebook video about Ibotta deals with A Mission To Save the other day!  Definitely learning more and more about Ibotta and all the great deals you can find and money you can save for your family. 

What tips and tricks do you guys have for a quick healthy breakfast for your kids?