Cinderella Song & Storytime

It is so surreal! The first Diaper Bag Diaries event went extremely well and I am so thankful for all guests who attended. The kids had a blast with Cinderella as she sang songs, taught them how to be a good prince and princess, read stories, and each child got to have their own personal picture with her. Not to mention so much fun playing at Tree of Life Play Cafe! 


I LOVE that the characters that come from Paulette's Princess Parties are SO interactive. For all of my children's birthday parties they have done such an amazing job and for my first event, I knew her company had to be involved. Many of her characters are dancers and high school theatre performers so you get so much for your experience. I feel like so many times you go to an event and all you get is a quick picture with a character in a costume. But when you are around a princess of Paulette's, your child will have memories for a lifetime.

During each child's personal photo, Cinderella took her time snuggling and whispering to the child and making them feel so special. This is why my almost 4 year old daughter still talks about the princess ballerina at her 3rd birthday party! Because even at this young age, these lovely actors and actresses make such an impression on them. Clearly I just can't say enough about this company so I'll stop, but I can't wait do another event and I encourage you all to come and experience it for yourself! 


While the children enjoyed their time with Cinderella, my good friend / mentor Amy Jo and I introduced the Beauty Counter line to the parents at the event. I'll do a separate blog post soon about how excited I am about these products but the main reason I am trying to spread the word is that as a mother, I have started to become concerned about all the toxic ingredients hidden in the products we place on our children. With all these news stories coming out about undisclosed, harmful ingredients being in our makeup, skin care, lotions, sunscreen, baby wash, etc., I have felt so overwhelmed. How can you truly know (beyond what it says on the label) what ingredients are actually in the products you put on yourself and your family? With Beauty Counter being at the forefront, pushing legislation to improve cosmetic safety regulations,  and their intensive testing process to make sure that the products they are putting out are completely safe to put on our bodies, I am now fully dedicated to helping that mission along. 

I hope that the wonderful parents that attended our event loved their samples! If you are looking for more information or you missed this last event, please stay tuned for future blog posts and don't hesitate to contact me for information and samples!