We Graduated!

Sebastian has made the move from Glider 2 to Glider 3 and we couldn't be more proud! Here is what he has accomplished so far!


Glider 1: Unassisted 10 sec sea otter, unassisted 10 foot pulling paddle, swim-rollover-swim, and 10 foot back glide.

Glider 2: 1 length freestyle with lead arm rollover, 10 foot streamline back glide, 10 foot streamline flutter kick on back, 30 second tread (the tread is Sebastian's favorite to show off!)

Glider 3: Now that we are in Glider 3 are goals are a 1 length freestyle with side breath, a 1 length freestyle flutter kick on back, a 1 length backstroke, and a 45 sec tread.

It is still completely mind boggling to me that he has accomplished all this in just a little over a year of swim class. At this rate he will be swim team level in no time! And I know this is not the case for everyone, it certainly isn't for my other child who has been in roughly the same level this whole time. You can read about her progress here . 

But for us, Goldfish Swim School started out as a place where our children would learn to swim and has evolved into a second home that is really honing Sebastian into a strong, independent swimmer. At 5 years old, I would hazard a guess that he is a stronger swimmer than I am. And I do think part of the reason is a natural athletic capability but that would just contribute to the speed in which he is learning. All children will eventually make their way up the ladder at Goldfish and learn expert swim skills and life saving techniques that will benefit them through adulthood. 

Watch and see for yourself!