January Baby Shower Giveaway!

Alright readers , let's talk baby showers and baby shower gifts! Are you always hunting for the perfect gift for your best friend, relative, coworker? Of course we want to help get items off the registry but for me, I always want to do something extra thoughtful that lets that person know I am thinking of them. 


As a mother three times over, there are some products that stand out to me as being the PERFECT new baby gifts. From baby to baby, the following picks are the items that I have gone back to time and time again and that I have recommended and gifted to other people. And guess what? One lucky winner will receive a gift basket filled with these items! Are you expecting or know anyone who is expecting? Feel free to enter at the end of the blog! 

1. Freshly Picked Moccasins

Despite being incredibly adorable, these moccasins are actually durable and stay on your baby or toddlers feet! The elastic opening helps keep the moccasin on their feet and the durable sole means that you can hand them down to your next child or make into a keepsake! I can't get enough of these adorable shoes and they are the perfect gift for anyone with a new baby or a toddler. Make sure to check out their line for older kids too! 


The perfect compliment to any outfit! 

The perfect compliment to any outfit! 

2. Covered Goods Nursing Cover 

This is NOT your typical frumpy and annoying nursing cover. If anyone asks me what the most useful product I have used for my babies has been, the answer is this nursing cover. It is soft, breathable, adorable, and actually has multiple uses! 

1. Nursing Cover


2. Carseat cover

3. Infinity Scarf

4. Cart cover 

You may have started to see a few different brands of these new, more modern, nursing covers but I love supporting the original company and I highly recommend this to all nursing mothers! 

3. Beauty Counter Baby Bundle Collection

You may have read about how much I love the Beauty Counter line here on the blog.

I am slowly trying to replace the harmful things we put on our body everyday with safe, thoroughly tested products. In that same vein, I certainly don't want to buy body washes and lotions for friends and family that contain toxic ingredients. Most recently, one of my friends and coworkers had a baby prematurely and the first thing I thought of gifting was the Beauty Counter Baby Collection. Natural ingredients, thoroughly tested beyond what the FDA requires, and will not irritate your babies skin. In this day and age, if I am going to purchase a body wash collection for my family or a friend, I can't imagine using anything else. I put the Baby Balm on my own daughter every night to care for her eczema issues and I love the kids line for my toddlers. 

4. Little Unicorn 

Here is another company that goes above and beyond the current industry practices when it comes to safety and regulation. Not to mention, their designs are so adorable with a vintage, unique feel. It is not uncommon to gift swaddles and bibs as a baby item, but I think the recipient will truly appreciate the unique and adorable gift when they unwrap. Not to mention the swaddles make for an adorable accessory in baby pictures! (I also own the Manifest Weekender Diaper Bag and it is a LIFESAVER!) 


5. BabyLit Board Books

Who doesn't love including a cute children's book when packaging up a gift for a friend? I don't know about you guys, but I actually really dislike greeting cards. For my first baby shower I requested that guests bring a book for future babies library and include whatever note they would have written in a card and instead write that on the inside cover of the book! These days we read the note before beginning the story and it's so special for the children to know how much they were loved before their birth. 


Take this idea up a notch by gifting famous literature that has been colorfully transformed into primers! I'm pretty sure we own almost every book this company sells and I also ADORE the way the covers look when they are sitting on the shelf. Even babies need Shakespeare people!

Now that you've read all about my top gift picks, make sure to enter the giveaway below!