Paulette's Princess Parties: Where A Childs Birthday Dreams Come True

I discovered Paulette about two years ago when I had an idea to throw my daughter, Charlotte, a ballet birthday party. Every year the birthday theme for each child revolves around their favorite thing at that age and Charlotte was obsessing over ballerinas. We hadn't enrolled her anywhere so we didn't have a studio to ask and every business I emailed was swamped with preparing for Christmas Nutcracker performances.


It must have been a moms Facebook group that passed along Paulette's information and after our first of many lengthy phone calls, I knew I had found my kindred spirit of party planning. Since she was a former Ballet Met dancer and currently a dance teacher at Dance Extension in Dublin, she offered to host the party at the studio where she would provide a ballet class to the children, then they would get to put on costumes, do a craft, and meet a REAL ballerina on pointe!


Even though we had gone over all the details, I never could have imagined how special and interactive her party would be. The children had a blast, the parents were blown away, and Olivia (the sugarplum fairy who is a REAL ballerina AND a Paulette princess) spent so much time with each child to make them feel really special. Of course I had to hire Paulette again! And again, again, and again!




At this point she has done 3 of my children's birthday parties, and 2 Diaper Bag Diaries events. I know you might be thinking, "it's just another princess company, what's the big deal?" But it IS a big deal! At least to me. I have used two other princess / character companies in the past and it is one thing to have a character simply stand and smile for pictures. It's a completely different experience to have your child's favorite character completely embody the role, sing and interact perfectly, and light up your child's face. This is Disneyworld brought straight to you!


All of Paulette's characters are actors and actresses that have been auditioned and thoroughly trained. You can see that for yourself at the many events she hosts for the public. From events at Polaris Mall, to the Ronald McDonald House, Tree of Life play café, and more! You can also hire her for birthday parties at her studio or your desired location, and for extra special times you can request a princess tuck in! Where you child can be read to and put to sleep by their favorite princess. Am I the only one getting teary eyed just thinking of it?!


What I am MOST excited about is the upcoming Enchanted Princess Ball on January 27th! Paulette is hosting a full on extravaganza at the newest event space in Dublin (The Exchange at Bridge Park.) With all of your favorite princesses! If you missed The Royal Wedding, you won’t want to miss this! Enjoy singing, dancing, and musical performances from all 14 PRINCESSES ! Plus, a GRAND CORONATION of each little princess in attendance, in which they will receive a crown, a princess certificate, and walk the red carpet walk. Then, kick off you glass slippers and dance the day away at the ROYAL BALL. Lots of time to meet and greet and enjoy each character!

We can’t wait to attend this wonderful event and I hope you join us! What a wonderful way to support local businesses while also enjoying this once in a lifetime experience!

There honestly has never been anything like this and knowing Paulette, your child is sure to remember this experience for the rest of his or her life!