A Tropical Goldfish Swim School Birthday

 Disclosure: Goldfish Swim School is an ongoing partner of Diaper Bag Diaries however, all opinions are my own.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that because Charlie has a winter birthday, we only have so many options to choose from. Not to mention, there is more pressure to have a theme and decorate an indoor space in the winter. For my children with summer birthdays we can plan parties at the playground, in the backyard, at the community pool…. etc.

It seems pretty obvious that an indoor swim party would be the perfect setting for a winter birthday however, I was always intimidated by the idea that my kids were not strong swimmers yet and that it would not be the ideal type of party for a young child.


I am so happy that we decided to book a Goldfish Swim Party anyways because there could not have been a more perfect way to ignore the cold weather outside and escape to a tropical destination! Of course Ariel from Paulette’s Princess Parties had to come as well and take our “Under The Sea” theme to the next level.


Before we began our hour of swim, Ariel opened her treasure chest and shared her dingelhoppers and thingamabobs with the kids. Now that she has her sea legs, she showed them how to walk and curtsy with “Perfect Princess Posture,” and of course she sang and posed for photo ops.

After the activities the older children took their swim test to see if they were strong enough swimmers to not need a lifejacket and all the kids then got to enjoy a free for all in the pool for one hour. The kids had so much fun splashing around in the 90 degree water that Goldfish is infamous for.


Once the swim time was over, everyone gathered for juice boxes and cupcakes. We sang Happy Birthday to Charlie and opened gifts to cap off an enjoyable few hours.


My fears about throwing a swim party with young, inexperienced, swimmers were completely assuaged when I discovered that all children who wish to swim without a life vest must take a swim test to prove their competency and everyone else must wear life jackets. (Which Goldish provides). And the lifeguards did a great job of enforcing the rules so that all the kids remained safe. 

Our small party came with two lifeguards to monitor the children while they swim. (You can pay extra for additional lifeguards if you choose). And guess what? Although many parents chose to swim with their children, you don’t have to if you feel comfortable watching them play from the sidelines. This was huge for me because I didn’t quite know how I would host a party and be in the water with the kids at the same time. Luckily for me, I trust the kids to be safe in the water from their two years worth of swim lessons from Goldfish, and the lifejackets and lifeguards were the perfect icing on the cake.

So here’s what to expect from a Goldfish Swim School Birthday Party:

  • Invitations & Matching Envelopes

  • A two hour party with the facility all to yourself!

  • Certified lifeguards on deck to oversee all the fun

  • Cupcakes and drinks for all the kids

  • A fully decorated table with table settings included

Parents, it doesn’t get more hands free then this! You basically only have to show up! If you want to add that extra something special to the party and make it even MORE hands off, book your favorite character from Paulette's Princess Parties! These characters don’t just show up for a photo op, they organize a fun activity with the kids, sing, dance, and give their undivided attention to the children.

You simply couldn’t ask for a better experience and the combination of Goldfish and Paulette’s Princesses together? The most fun and easiest birthday I have planned to date. Which is exactly what you need when you have a birthday close to the holidays!