My Kids Are Loving This New Epic Snack!

This post is sponsored by Goldfish® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

What kid doesn’t love Goldfish crackers? As a mom you know that it is a pantry staple that all your children will love, but the new Epic Crunch flavors that Goldfish has released are taking the usual after school snack to the next level.

Now that Sebastian is older, we have moved into pantry roaming territory. You know when your kids are aimlessly opening (and re-opening) the fridge and cabinets? Just hunting for a snack that will curb an unknown craving? I honestly wouldn’t have expected for the latest Goldfish Epic Crunch flavors to do the trick but they are a HUGE hit!


They are bigger in size, bigger in taste, and BIG fun for the kiddos. We have really been enjoying the bold, super cheesy flavor and puffy, 3-D shape and texture. I like that we get to upgrade our eldest sons lunch and after school snack choices while still maintaining the convenience and reliability we have always had with Pepperidge Farm products.

These snacks are also baked so you can still feel good about your children’s snacks. Not to mention no artificial flavors or preservatives! We personally loved the Nacho flavor but you will also find Honey BBQ and Ranch at your local grocery store, Target, etc.

This snack produced major grins on my son which totally makes me the cool mom right? Right? RIGHT?! Fine, maybe not. But he was convinced to do some math with our Goldfish crackers, cementing the idea that a Goldfish snack after school is the perfect way to ease into homework and hopefully limit some post-school crankiness. #momwin


For those of you with older kids that want a little something extra in their snacking experience, make sure to pick up a bag (or two) on your next shopping trip. Trust me, your kids will thank you.