Prose Nail Salon

As you may recall, I began the process of swapping our families skincare and makeup products for Beauty Counter. A brand that prides itself in its non toxic ingredients and its fight for safer beauty for all.

One area that I admittedly did not pay enough attention to was the products used when I go to the nail salon. I mean, the smell hits you as soon as you walk in the door so it was probably safe to assume that some pretty harsh chemicals were being used. Probably not the best environment for my daughters and infant that I would typically bring along. And can you imagine the poor employees who breathe all that in every day? Yikes


But alas, I didn’t think much of it for the sake of a long lasting, no-chip mani, and much needed me time.

Enter Prose nail salon. I made an appointment here without knowing anything about the brand, I just wanted to check out the new business in Wheaton! First thing I noticed? How super cute and chic the space is. It just looks… clean? Maybe it’s the minimalistic look and all the bright white, but it’s very inviting.


Second observation? NO. SMELL. Seriously! Just the scent of fresh flowers and maybe clean linen? Lol. But NO smell of chemicals of any kind. I genuinely didn’t even know that was possible!

The host gave me a short tour explaining their awesome air filtration system that keeps the salon smelling chemical free and how their products are free of the 7 major toxins normally found in nail salons .


I kind of immediately felt mom guilt when I looked down at the baby I brought with me and realized that he probably shouldn’t have been tagging along before.

But hey, I’m also grateful that this brand has landed here in the Chicago burbs so that it can be my go to salon from now on.

Charlotte got her nails done while I started on my pedi. They offered to clean my ring for me which I quickly accepted! (That thing hasn’t been cleaned in maybe a year!) I definitely did not miss the massage chairs at most nail salons and just relaxed while holding the baby in my lap. The employees were very gracious about the fact that I had to take Oliver (AKA the baby who refuses to nap) out of his car seat and feed him while the pedi was going on. I felt very comfortable here even though I was having less than ideal circumstances.


Then it was Charlottes turn for her pedi and she had an amazing time feeling like a true “big girl.” Her nail tech was talking to her the whole time, really keeping everything fun and comfortable.


I truly cannot promote this place enough, and no, I wasn’t paid or offered free services to give a review. This is just genuine excitement for an awesome company that I am so glad has put down roots next to our town.

Im also heavily considering the membership program to keep me regular on my self care!

If you are following from other cities, these salons are popping up all over so check their location listing and look and see if there is one available near you!