A Safe Bath & Body Line for Babies and Children

I don't think I am the only one who has felt anxiety over the "scandals" surrounding what chemicals are in our go-to baby washes and baby products. Even from companies claiming to be organic! I'm sure there are many of you that immediately switched brands and made some significant changes, but a lot of us just kind of threw our hands in the air and said, "well what can we do?" I mean sure we can take a company at face value and assume that if they say they are organic they must be trustworthy. And they must be disclosing all their ingredients on their label right? Well.... 

Did you know that the FDA has not passed a major law regulating the beauty industry since 1938?

Companies not only can use toxic ingredients, but they do not have to disclose ingredients like formaldehyde on their label. Mainly because formaldehyde is a byproduct during production so I guess it must not count as an ingredient right? 


What can we do when we don't know what companies to trust? I honestly had no idea either but I recently stumbled upon a product line called Beauty Counter, and I immediately fell in love. This business was created by Gregg Renfrew after discovering how many chemicals are LEGALLY allowed in makeup and skincare. The "Never List" she created is a list of over 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals that the brand will NEVER use. In my personal opinion, any company pushing for increased legislation in Washington so that they can get stricter laws passed, is okay in my book. As a consumer we rarely get to see behind the curtain and Beauty Counter is the most transparent company I have discovered yet. 


They don't claim to be perfect or 100% organic but they are constantly tweaking and reinventing products to ensure they are the safest possible. It does not go out until they are sure that these products won't be harmful to your family. Want to know the ingredients? Head to the website for the FULL list and research those ingredients yourself to make sure it's right for you or that you don't purchase anything you might be allergic to! 

The type of honesty I appreciate in a company... are your other companies this transparent?

The type of honesty I appreciate in a company... are your other companies this transparent?

In a day and age when it seems like everything can give you cancer, I am becoming increasingly worried about things we put on and in our bodies that could be accumulating over time. Possibly not affecting our children until they are adults. Lymphoma is a specific cancer that has affected our immediate familly immensely. With no cause pinned down yet, it makes you wonder what environmental exposures may have led to these kinds of illnesses. I certainly don't have the time or energy driving myself crazy to avoid every possibility, but when a product I trust falls in my lap, I am going to at least check that fear off the list. 


Lastly, the products are honestly great. I have been over the moon with almost every item I have tried so far and the baby wash and kids wash have been perfect on my childrens skin. Charlottes curly, tangly hair? The shampoo and conditioner actually work wonderfully! I couldn't believe how easy it was to comb out her tangles and how soft her hair was afterwards. 

I promise you that you don't just have to take my word for this. Contact me at diaperbagdiariesblog@gmail.com and I will be happy to send out free samples out so you can see for yourself! Don't hesitate to browse my personal website, check out all of the products and their ingredients, and contact me for an item you would like to try out! 


We love you Beauty Counter! 

What kid doesn't love bath bombs in the tub? I like that the bathroom smelled like blueberries for a week ;)

What kid doesn't love bath bombs in the tub? I like that the bathroom smelled like blueberries for a week ;)

How cute are these bath bombs we featured throughout this post? They were made by an adorable Etsy shop MommyAndMeBeYOUtiful ! Check them out!