Yoga On The Roof With Bexley Yoga

This isn't even my mat, I'm such a poser... 

This isn't even my mat, I'm such a poser... 

Let's get one thing straight. I do NOT do yoga. I mean, I have done yoga but the event I was invited to this past Thursday was probably only my third time going to a yoga class in my life. I definitely may be newly reformed. Something about being on that rooftop, at dusk, with the sounds of bustling high street underneath us.... it was just so calming and peaceful. 


As a mother and wife it can be so hard to find time for yourself. I mean, it can actually be completely impossible. It's never easy to navigate the dance of asking for a night off from putting the three children to bed, but it is really necessary every once in a while. By inviting me to this event, Bexley Yoga and Columbus Stories gave me more than a night out. I was physically able to relieve some physical stress in my body and also calm my mind. The whole experience was perfectly peaceful and that is a hard thing to come by when you are used to the sound of screaming toddlers. 


Do people in places like California and Arizona get to experience outdoor fitness like this all year round? Unfortunately for us it will be winter soon but there is ONE more opportunity for rooftop yoga! This upcoming week on September 26th, there will be another roof top yoga class open to the public! Price is $10 and partial proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. Register online at

Side note, there were some really cool vendors at the event that you should know about. 

Salumi Couture (no pics b/c I was too busy stuffing my face) 

Wild Sage Collective (check out this amazing Mommy and mini mala making class they have coming up!) 

Buckeye Vodka