St. Nicholas Day Memories

Last year I wrote a blog post for Columbus Moms Blog giving some background info on one of my favorite Catholic feast days, St. Nicholas Day! It only seems fair that we celebrate the real Santa Claus on his actual feast day and celebrate Jesus on Christmas. And in many countries, this is exactly what they do! St. Nicholas Day is the gift giving holiday because, duh, that's what St. Nicholas is known for. And Christmas is much more about family, fellowship, and the nativity. 

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As a child, our church always did something fun for St. Nicholas Day and when we moved to Columbus, I couldn't find a Catholic church anywhere that at least advertised anything about a St. Nicholas Day celebration. Then I discovered St. Patricks in downtown Columbus and we have officially gone two years in a row and have had such an amazing time each year. Lunch is served, pictures with St. Nicholas, multiple tables with crafts, shoe coin toss game, etc. The kids have a blast and my heart is warmed that this parish enjoys this holiday as much as I do. Not to mention, it is such a beautiful church and although it isn't close to home, I do enjoy coming here when we can. (I do admit to being a serial offender of constantly rotating parishes but, I enjoy multiple churches for multiple reasons) 

This was actually quite a packed weekend as we also enjoyed "Breakfast with Santa" at our other church, The Church Next Door! With me being Catholic and my husband being non-denominational, our kids get to enjoy two different church experiences and I have to say, it will only make their childhood more colorful and insightful. We always have a fantastic time at the family events this church puts on, and we thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes, pictures with Santa, holiday train, and crafts. Whether you have attended this church or not, I highly recommend checking out their next family event. Being a member is not a requirement, you won't be pushed into anything or feel uncomfortable. You will simply enjoy a wonderful time with your family and be around really nice people who actually care very much about your children. This church aims to serve the community in multiple ways and their family focused events are just one of the many things they bring to the community purely out of the kindness of their hearts.