Goldfish Jump Start Clinics


It's spring break time and Goldfish is offering another round of Jump Start Clinics. What are they you ask? 5 straight days of swim class, same time every day.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Before I began partnering with Goldfish as a blogger, I was just a regular client and my son was doing okay during his lessons but struggling with floating on his back and having enough stamina to swim the width of the pool. When the opportunity for one of the summer clinics came around we decided to give it a go and I was more than impressed by the results. The repetitivity of class every day and the opportunity to show off to a new teacher boosted all of his swim skills and two regular swim classes later, he received the ribbon to move up to the next level!

When you think about it, 5 days of class is over a month of lessons squeezed into one week! So if your child is struggling with even general water anxiety this would be a great way to "jump start" their swim lesson journey. This would also be the perfect way to test out Goldfish and see if this is the right fit for you and your children. 

If my words aren't convincing enough, check out this video montage of what our weekly swim class is like!