Valentines Day Outfits For Kids

Valentines Day. It's a totally absurd Hallmark holiday. Does that prevent me from dressing the kids in Valentine outfits and making themed crafts and snacks? No, no it does not. 

Valentines Day doesn't stick out to me as a super romantic holiday. (Although I think any excuse to get out and go on a date with your partner is wonderful, Valentines Day or not.) But, when I think of this holiday I remember exchanging Valentines in class... making crafts... just all of the fun silly things that come with childhood. Check out our favorite Valentine crafts & snacks from past blog posts below: 

But what is my favorite part of Valentines Day? The adorable themed outfits! Here are my favorite picks from my favorite companies. Make sure to check them out for that special touch to your Valentines class party, play group get together, or fun family photo! 

River Babe Threads

This company always has the cutest tees, hoodies, and beanies for Valentines Day. And actually, all year round! These were shipped to me in 2-3 days so there is plenty of time to get your order in still! 

Rags To Raches

I LOVE the owner Rachel's story about making her own clothes for her children and then creating and selling out of her garage. She's got a great Shark Tank episode, you should totally check it out and snag some outfits for your own little heartbreakers! 

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Freshly Picked. Although I received a pair of moccasins to review, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

These are our second pair of moccasins and we are OBSESSED ! They are so durable, so comfortable, and baby E loves them. Since she is too young to tell me why I can only assume they are super comfortable. Probably more comfortable than regular shoes for her tiny toddler feet. At two she can actually put them on herself but they definitely don't slip off due to the elastic opening around the ankle. There are so many styles and designs to choose from, we went with a solid color last time but this time we chose our first print to celebrate Valentines Day. Yea, it probably won't match every outfit but I love that Eleanor calls it her "candy shoes." 

The Borrowed Boutique

Sometimes you want to celebrate in an extra special way. Whether it be Valentines Day, family photos, major holiday, wedding, etc. Kids grow out of clothes so fast that there is no point in buying fancy outfits to only wear once so... we just rent them! 

Little Mr. Ties

If you have followed me for a while then you know that my son is almost always wearing a Little Mr. bow tie and suspender set for nearly every occasion. I will be completely heartbroken when he grows out of letting me dress him up but for now he seems to love his bow tie collection as much as I do. The patent pending, button on design probably helps a lot with the comfort young boys have when they wear them. No constricting tie around the neck! 


I love this brand for multiple reasons. They are local to Columbus, the pieces are simple and comfortable, and they are FITTED! It’s like the designers really studied a toddlers shape and designed the clothes so that they wouldn’t be boxy or too tight. Just this perfect, slightly fitted, draping. And they are comfy play clothes! Of course we donned the “pinks” for Valentines Day, but these are pieces we will be reaching for every day. 


  Gabby & Me 

I can’t ever get enough of this handcrafted clothing boutique for my girls. The pieces are lovingly made and sewn to last. I love the prints and vibrant colors and the girls seem to love them too. They feel like they are wearing play clothes and I feel like I’ve gotten them dressed up. It’s the best of both worlds! We picked a pink romper, and a burgundy peplum with heart leggings for our Valentines Day pick but don’t think these clothes are holiday specific. They are a perfect complement to your wardrobe any day of the year. And guess what? They come in mommy sizes too! 


However you celebrate, we wish you a happy Valentines Day! 



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