Yumble: Healthy Kids Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep


As a family we love to travel and fill our weeks with fun events and activities. The one draw back to this is that it's so difficult to find time to eat healthy! It's also hard to limit the amount of fast food when we are on the road. 

During our most recent, month long, adventure, I discovered Yumble. I thought I would just Google "healthy kids meals delivered" and Yumble was the first to pop up. I was delighted when the company agreed to let me review their product after I reached out to them! 

This is such a game changer for us. For future travel it will be great to either have the meals delivered to our location, or delivered to our house prior to departure and kept in a cooler while we are on the road. The meals should be good for seven days refrigerated.

How Does The Process Work?

1. Go online and choose your meals. We chose...

- Chili Chili Bang Bang (vegetarian chili with brown rice)

- Chicken Pops (chicken, jasmine rice, honey glazed carrots)

- Grilled Chicken Strips (grilled chicken and orzo salad)

- Sweet Buffaloaded Chicken Wrap (served with avocado chips and chia seed bar)

- S'mac N Cheese (mac n cheese bite and broccoli tots)

- Turkey Cheddar Pinwheels (served with crunchy pretzels and edamame beans)


2. Wait in anticipation for your delivery to arrive! When it does, simply place the meals in the refrigerator. 

3. Ready to eat? Your kids meal will be ready in minutes after placed in the oven or microwave and your children can stay occupied with the fun coloring activities! 

Why Do I Need This?


So, you might be thinking that you have no problem cooking healthy meals every day and you don't need this service. That very well may be true. But to even have one of the smaller meal plans so that you can reach in and grab a meal for your kids a couple days a week? That can really take the stress off.

Have you been turning down after school activities and events because there is no time to make dinner and get the kids to bed after, let's say, soccer practice? Don't let the kitchen hold you back! You can enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Can I Afford This?

When planning your weekly grocery budget, simply account for the Yumble meal plan you chose and only purchase what you need for the adult meals and your normal snacks. And don't worry, you can skip a meal and cancel your subscription at any time. 

Moving forward I plan on putting more effort into meal planning and if I count these Yumble meals for the kids dinners, I will work that into the grocery section of my budget. This should keep my overall grocery bill relatively the same while saving me hours of cooking and worry every week! 

How Do They Taste?


I would surely be lying if I said the kids enjoyed every bite. You read that I said these were healthy meals right? My oldest son was suspicious of the chia bar and avocado chips, my daughters weren't a huge fan of eating the rice. But since I was curious about the taste of the meals, I tasted a bit of each meal and thought they were fantastic! (I might get a few extra for my lunches at work!)

I knew they were just hesitant b/c it was new but I loved using the coins and progress chart to encourage the kids to try bites. The different Yumble coins have point associations and you save them up to "purchase" prizes from the catalogue! And these are NOT junk toys you can win. You can get a prize from anything as simple as bubbles to the grand prize of an iPAD when you save 1,000 Yumble points! Feel free to hand out the coins for trying new foods, potty training, good behavior, etc. 

Ready To Try Out Yumble?

Diaperbag Diary readers are in luck! Yumble agreed to giving you guys a 30% discount code! 


I love that this company has everything figured out. Healthy but easy kid meals? Check! Collector cards with jokes to get the whole family laughing around the dinner table? Check! Coloring pages and crayons included? Check! Coins & rewards to encourage food exploration? Check! Oh the packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly? Double check! 

Honestly, what more can you ask for?


Kid tested, Batman approved. 

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